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Wine Spotlight: Adorada Rosé

April 25, 2018

A springtime favorite, Rosé sales have skyrocketed nationwide over the past few years. Present-day California is a leader in its production, and for good reason.

 Adorada wines are crafted from premium California grapes in a sumptuously aromatic style. The collection includes a Rosé and a Pinot Gris.  Adorada—meaning “adored” in Spanish—revels in the unexpected, creating an evocatively aromatic wine experience. Adorada Rosé embraces this style. Let’s explore its profile!

Aroma and Flavorrose

Adorada Rosé opens with spice and ginger on the nose, balanced by fragrant aromas of red fruit and antique red rose. The palate is succulent and lightly sweet, with juicy watermelon and honeycomb flavors, framed by a zesty hint of white pepper. For this Rosé blend, a mix of aromatic red and white grape varieties from premier vineyards were chosen throughout California. The 2017 growing season saw cooler than average daytime temperatures and cold nights, which helped the grapes retain their natural acidity and afforded them more time on the vine to develop complex flavors and aromatics.

The Craft

Winemaker and native Californian Margaret Leonardi crafts the Adorada collection by meticulously sourcing distinctive aromatic varieties and composing the intriguing scents that delight the palate. The statement-making bottles are individually hand-sealed with signature black wax and finished with a pristine pearl-white label.


Food Pairings

With Adorada Rosé, we recommend foods like tomato salads, olives and vegetables right off the grill. As for seasoning, opt for salty herbs with a hint of spice—such as basil, oregano or garlic—and moisten with a good amount of olive oil.


Grilled seafood also pairs fantastically with Rosé. Try shrimp, squid, sardines or a combination. Add artichokes and grilled onions for a fulfilling meal.

 Time for dessert! Sip Adorada Rosé with lightly sweetened sliced peaches or cut-up strawberries.


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